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This, is an internet test thing that shows you how well you can see colour! I sucked majorly at it, apparently the closer you are to 0, the better a judge of colour you are - and I got 51. :/

Another interesting thing I learnt whilst trawling Tumblr today was that if you right click on a webpage, select "inspect element" and then press the 3D button on the bottom right, you can view the webpage as a 3D image!

Like so:
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Well, I thought it was cool. But that's probably just me being a tech geek again.

In other news, it is cold. For Australia, at least. I also spent the entire day watching the Big Bang Theory S04 boxset, ignoring everything I need to do. I'm going to regret that later.

Also, I got a new LJ theme, which is about ten million times more visually pleasing than the last.

Oh! I also uploaded another fanvid. It'd been sitting on my hardrive for many months, as I was still unhappy with it, but I finally got tired and just uploaded it anyway.

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04 April 2012 @ 06:28 pm